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What should you do if your car has been hit by hail?

What should you do if your car has been hit by hail?

Hail is a common occurrence in areas where you live. You’ve probably experienced it in your home and your car. It is a good idea to be prepared for anything! If hail is pelting your vehicle while driving, pull to a safe spot and wait for the storm to pass.

To ensure your vehicle is safe to go, you should inspect the extent of damage sustained by the storm. You should avoid driving with cracked windshields or other damage that could compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Hail damage can be daunting, and Auto “Dent” ist Inc. is here for you. These are the next steps!

Assess the extent of the damage

Hailstorms can cause damage that is so severe it’s necessary to declare your car a salvage vehicle. You might get by with minor damage that Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can repair.

But hail damage insurance cases are on the rise. This is because hail damage can cause significant damage and repair costs that run into the hundreds of thousands.

It is always better to repair the damage by a certified PDR technician from Auto “Dent” ist Inc. It is a good idea to contact the insurance company to have your dents repaired. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and recommend the following steps to repair it.

Examine Your Insurance Policy

Hail damage can be costly, so check your policy’s liability section.

Comprehensive coverage policies will cover your repairs and leave you with a low deductible, saving you the trouble of paying out of pocket.

Many policies, especially those for older cars, don’t offer comprehensive insurance to lower their premiums. Before you submit a claim, make sure to review your policy carefully!

hail damage repair

Things to consider when determining the extent of your auto body repair.

You should consider many things to determine the type of car body repair your vehicle will require.

Your Car’s Appearance

Most people will keep a car in good condition, even if it’s relatively new.

Trade-in Value

If your car was in good condition before the hailstorm, you could repair the damage to get the most trade-in or resale price for your vehicle.

How long are you keeping your vehicle?

If hail damage has occurred to your car, and you intend to keep it, you’ll be able to pay to fix it.

Contact Auto “Dent” its Inc. for Top-Notch Car Dent Repair

Hail and ice can surprise us no matter how prepared we are. Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can help. Call us or visit our Portland office today.

How to get around in the meantime

It can be daunting to have your car serviced, and knowing how to get there without a car can make it even more difficult.

We offer a loaner or rental car at Auto “Dent” ist Inc. for the interim. It can be overwhelming to think about transportation. However, that shouldn’t stop us from giving you the best care possible.

The pros are worth your trust.

If you are serious about pursuing a particular course of action, it is best to trust a PDR specialist to handle your car. You have assured me a job well done.

You could do more damage if you try to fix them yourself or ask a non-PDR expert to help.

Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can schedule paintless dent repair.

Are you looking to remove minor dents from your vehicle? We are Auto “Dent” ist Inc. and can remove minor dents, creases, hail damage, and door dings from your car while keeping the original paint job intact.

You can drop off your car at our shop, or we can come to your home with our remote dent removal service! Please make an appointment now or call/text us today at (503) 649-9940

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