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Hail Damage


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Leave your car unattended at the body shop for a few weeks. We are the best source for hail damage repairs in Portland, OR. Our mobile, paintless dent repair services make hail damage removal easy and quick. We’ve restored cars with up to 700 hail dents.

Hail’s unpredictable nature can cause damage ranging from minor dents to large cracks in windshields or severe dents. Paintless dent repair may be the best option if your hail damage is moderate to minor. However, we need to inspect the marks to confirm that. Text or email us a photo of your vehicle’s hail damage. Let’s let you decide if it is possible. We have relationships with local body shops and can refer you to them if the damage is too severe.

 Insurance and Repairs Process

You’ve survived a hailstorm. Give Auto-Dent Inc. in Portland, OR, an immediate call to arrange repair time. We will take care of the rest. We can work with all insurance companies and have a good reputation.

We will have a rental or loaner vehicle for you if you drop off your car at our shop. It is only necessary that the vehicle be washed before it is dropped off for repairs. Our skilled technicians will then give you an estimate. Specially designed LED lights highlight hail dents on each vehicle panel. To determine the total number of committees, our technicians go through each and then circle them. We determine the type of material that your board is made from, whether it is aluminum, steel, or ultra-high strength. Different materials may require different repair times. We will also inspect damaged molds and any other damage from the hailstorm.

The next step is to take photos of everything and upload them to our estimating program. We can then submit a line item estimation to you and your insurer for approval. After approving the repair, we immediately order parts and begin the paintless dent repair process. We usually need to take out the trunk or hood liner and place them on unique wheeled stands to be able to assess the damage from different angles. We need to remove the headliner from the roofs to see the hail damage. We perform “glue pulling” for roof rails with double walls (without access). Particular tabs and glue are used to pull out each dent and blend it back together.

hail damage repair

After hail damage has been fixed, we “build” your car by reassembling everything that was taken apart. We would then install damaged parts or moldings, wash the car, and contact you to arrange delivery.

You are responsible for paying your deductible at pick-up and dropping off your fueled-up loan/rental vehicle. Once that is done, you’re ready to go! You may also have some door dings removed during hail repairs at no extra charge.

Contact Auto “Dent” ist Inc. for Intelligent Dent Repair.

Auto “Dent” ist Inc. is passionate about hail damage repair and has restored thousands of hail-damaged vehicles. This includes significant dealership losses as well as medium-sized fleets of corporate fleets. We also restore hail-damaged cars to individuals. Every customer is treated the same way, and we are committed to providing a great experience and high quality service. Contact us today for more information on insurance and our services.

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