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Paint Chip Repair

Paint Chip Repair


Choose Auto “Dent” ist to Fix Chipped Paint on Your Car.

  1. Fast and Professional Results
  2. Trained and Experienced Paint Technicians
  3. Five-Star Customer Service

Are you worried about your car’s appearance being compromised by chipped paint? Auto “Dent” ist Inc. has all the expertise and tools to fix your car’s chipped paint quickly and accurately. We will take care of everything if you bring your vehicle with its paint, and we can help you order the correct color from your dealer to maximize your results.

Trust our auto-paint technicians to provide the best paint chip repair in Portland, OR. Auto “Dent” ist Inc.’s highly-trained team can handle any paint chip, from door dings to hailstorms.

Our technicians will use the most recent industry tools when you provide us with the correct paint code and formula. Please take a look at the gallery to see what we mean!

How to fix chipped paint on your vehicle

Our five-star technicians in Portland, OR, can restore paint chips so accurately that you won’t even be able to see the damage! Auto “Dent” ist Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the best paint chip repair services, and we deliver this promise by following a consistent and detailed repair process.

hail damage repair

Perform a thorough inspection

There may be one minor blemish you cannot ignore, but there could be more damage to your vehicle than you thought. We will inspect your vehicle’s exterior to size and calculate each chip appropriately.

Document and Estimate

We’ll inspect your vehicle’s paint chip and take photos of the damage to complete documentation. We can provide you with an estimate to let you know what to expect, and we will wait for your approval.

Professional Paint Chip Repair

We’ll use top-quality materials, unmatched experience, and the best tools to fix your paint chip. The paint can be brought in, or contact your dealer for an exact match. We pay close attention to details and precision, ensuring your repair is durable and visually pleasing.

Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can fix your vehicle’s chipped paint.

Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can provide a professional, quick paint chip repair service. Every service is backed by years of experience in rock chip paint repairs. We know how to fix damage accurately and efficiently, so it’s never visible again. Contact the Auto “Dent” ist Inc. team in Portland, OR, today to get started!

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