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How to Prevent Wintertime Ice Dings

How to Prevent Wintertime Ice Dings

What weather we’ve had lately! From sixty-degree days to chilly nights, Oregon is trying to give its citizens the runaround this year. Your car may need to be more resilient to these unusual climate conditions, even though you might have lived here for a while. Portland’s Auto “Dent” ist Inc. offers quick hail damage repair. No time to wait for our technicians to get you back on your way!

How can you avoid hail and ice-related dents in winter? Your car will look better the less it sustains cuts. Auto “Dent” ist Inc., the hail damage repair specialist, is here to offer some helpful tips.

First and foremost: Get Car Dent Repair done as soon as you notice a dent.

If left alone, dents can cause damage to your vehicle’s armor and make it vulnerable to more cuts. This is how it happens. Paintless dent removal, such as the one offered by auto “Dent” ist Inc., is quick and affordable, and you might be surprised at how fast dents can grow and accumulate.

Only use auto “Dent” ist Inc. for ADAS vehicles’ paintless dent repair.

ADAS technology, which is a technology that assists you in driving, is essentially technology. They do everything to make your car safer and more secure, including collision prevention and lane-changing alerts. This tech is covered in more detail on our blog.

However, ADAS vehicles are very similar to their older-school counterparts in dent repair. To avoid rusting, you must get dent repairs done quickly. These dents can be a problem for average dent repair technicians, and they need to be calibrated after each fix, or they will stop working on the road.

Dent Heads’ paintless dent repair technicians are exceptional check out our sterling reviews! Our process profoundly affects ADAS calibration, and we will calibrate your tech before you drive again. Your car’s exterior will be like-new when you leave the shop, and the ADAS will also be as good as before.

Do not let Pre-Winter maintenance slip by

Your car’s exterior is one of many things that should be in top shape for winter. To help you drive on icy roads, your car’s engine, wheels, and brakes must be in top condition. You can expect more than your fair share of dents if they’re not!

Drivers often need to remember to include windshield wipers. Windshield wipers Consumer Reports states that even the most effective wiper blades can lose effectiveness within six months. If you notice streaks or misses in the glass, it’s a sign that the edges need to be retired. This is why we recommend headlight repair before winter arrives. We want you to see clearly.

A Hail Blanket is a good idea.

A hail blanket is a good option if you park on the street and don’t have access to a garage. However, we recommend that you visit us after a hailstorm to have your car checked out. These devices are less effective than a garage.

Weather Alerts: Get your phone connected

Although some smartphones will alert you when there is unusual weather, it may be slower to notify you if there is a hailstorm. You can personalize your alerts with an app to always know when your vehicle is in danger.

Carports are your friends.

You don’t have the money for a garage, but you do have enough space. Consider a carport! These inexpensive buildings have sturdy roofs that can minimize hail damage. However, lateral protection is often lacking, so consider a hail blanket.

Contact Auto “Dent” its Inc. for Top-Notch Car Dent Repair

Hail and ice can surprise us no matter how prepared we are. Auto “Dent” ist Inc. can help. Call us or visit our Portland office today.

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