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Choose the Right Paintless Dent Repair Tools

choose the right paintless dent repair toolsThe tool market in the industry has grown rapidly, with new manufacturers and brands emerging. Ten years ago, I didn’t have many tools, but now I rely heavily on Stanliner tools and other brands like Dent Reaper,  Vip , and Stuckey. I used to think buying new tools was a waste of money, but the tools available now are much more efficient and help with repairing different types of vehicle metals, like aluminum and high strength steel. However, there is also a problem with cheap and low-quality tools being sold online, especially targeting new technicians. It’s important to stay away from these tools and invest in reliable and professional tools instead.

Manufacturers have developed new tools to repair dents in a faster and more efficient way. These tools are especially useful for repairing complex metals like aluminum and HSS, which are commonly used in car panels nowadays. However, there is a problem with copy or cheap tools that are targeting new technicians who may not be aware of the difference in quality. Tools like Dent Poppers from eBay or Harbor Freight and tool sets from China are not recommended and should be avoided by new technicians starting their career in dent repair.

  1. Dencraft Tools –
  2. A-1 Tool Company –
  3. PDR Finesse –
  4. Surebonder –
  5. Elim A Dent Tools –
  6. Ultra Dent Tools –
  7. Edgy Tools –
  8. Stuckey Tool Co. –
  9. Stanliner Tools –
  10. Dent Reaper –
  11. Anson PDR –
  12. Druz Tools –
  13. Keco –
  14. Get A Grip –
  15. Black Plague Tabs –
  16. Carepoint –
  17. Blehm –
  18. B & D Tool Co. –
  19. Dent Dial –
  20. TDN –
  21. Cam Auto –

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